LNWR 3 cyl. Compound “A” class 0-8-0 Goods Engine.

LNWR “A” class 0-8-0 goods engine


These locomotives, designed and built by Webb of the LNWR between 1893 and 1900 , had two high pressure cylinders outside and one low pressure cylinder on the inside, known as a compound system.  These were chosen to be the standard heavy goods engine for the LNWR of which there were 110 built.

These models are scratch built and many thanks are due to Tony Watts of the S7 group for his help in producing components, patterns and various castings including the wheels, more of which later. Castings for the cab fittings, boiler fittings and various other parts have been by supplied by Laurie Griffin http://www.lgminiatures.co.uk/

This particular batch of models are late getting off the ground as I have had a full and busy work bench to clear of previous orders, but they are on their way!

I am currently building four of these loco’s, all of which have been sold . If you are interested in commissioning a loco please contact me at colin@eastsidepilot.com

There will be more LNWR A class loco’s available at a later date as I intend producing another run later in 2012, early 2013.

For more examples of my work and further information please visit my web site at www.eastsidepilot.com

“A” class 0-8-0 No. 2528 sometime before 1903

A dry run to check the fit of the smoke box, boiler and running plate before assembly. One down three to go !

Wheels are cast brass centres with turned steel tyres and an etched back plate to form the back of the ‘H’ section spoke. These shots are just a test run(needs some cleaning up)and subsequent castings are of a better quality.Balance weights to be added.

Moving on to splashers, 24 in number to produce, a bead will be fitted to the top curve of the face.

Smokebox and cab parts waiting to be assembled, these are cut on the Taylor Hobson pantograph miller from 2:1 ratio patterns. Rivet heads are produced on a G.W. rivet press.

Wheels and axles begining to be assembled now with my own turned insulated, telescopic,  split axles.

Tender body and sub chassis.






This batch of locomotives is now complete. Please see the gallery for the finished product.

Colin Dowling


5 responses to “LNWR 3 cyl. Compound “A” class 0-8-0 Goods Engine.

    • Hi John,
      Not long before there are more pic’s, the build has been a bit held up but I’ll be cracking on this week. I will post as soon as I can.
      How’s it going with you mate.

      ATB, Col.

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