Ex. L.N.E.R. B17/4. 4-6-0 / B.R. 61648. “ARSENAL”

DSCF3382A scratch build from my own patterns this model is to S7 standards and will be depicted as running in the mid 1950’s.

This locomotive was re-built during 1957 with an up-rated boiler only to be withdrawn from service and scrapped in 1958.




Wheels were processed on the lathe using castings from Walsall Model Industries, driven through an ABC gearbox with a Mashima motor.

It is fitted with fully working inside motion ( conjugated valve gear) on the center cylinder.

Coupling and con-rods are milled from patterns on the profile miller out of nickel-silver plate.

All axles have sprung horn blocks/axle bearings, with the bogie having side control springs.

After the model was given it’s livery colour, the lining was applied with a Haff lining pen using Humbrol enamels.

Decals are from Fox Transfers.



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