On Shed

Welcome to my workbench, the current projects that are being worked on are in various stages of production, some are still at the pattern stage, and in no particular order, are as follows :-

4 no. LNWR A class 0-8-0 goods engines…….. two F/S and two S7 standards, scratch built from patterns.

2 no. LNER B17/4 “Sandringham class” 4-6-0 express passenger engines, L.N.E.R. 2858 “The Essex Regiment” and B.R. 61648 “Arsenal”…….. S7 standards, semi scratch/kit built.

1 no. NSWGR class (C) 30T  4-6-0 locomotive (Australian)……… S7 standards, semi scratch/kit built from etches designed and produced by my client.

1 no. NBR I class “Atlantic” 4-4-2 express passenger engine…….. S7 standards, scratch built from my own patterns.

1 no. Ex GER/LNER J17 0-6-0 goods engine…….. S7 standards, modified kit built.

Also in the queue are some personal projects that get some attention when time permits, these are :-

5 no. Ex GER/ LNER J67, 68 & 69  0-6-0 t engines…….. one J67, one J69 and three  J68’s. All to S7 standards, semi scratch/kit built.

Quite enough to be getting on with I think, I will give some background into each project in time but as it’s late and my head is about to hit the key board I will return soon to explain all, so please keep looking in……..ATB, Col.

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