North Staff’s Railway Horse box

Nth Staff’s  horse-box built to S7 standards for a client, finished in LMS livery. I have used a D&S brass kit, the axle boxes are sprung as are the buffers and couplings and it has a scratch built interior to the grooms compartment.

My customer requested a fairly grubby weathered condition which hopefully I have re-created on this model.

N’th Staff’s horse box, in later LMS livery

I am unsure if these made it into LMS livery, so there may be a bit of modellers licence in this, on behalf of my customer, who changed his mind on the era he wishes to model from pre-war to mid-’40’s.

I can quote for building, painting and weathering Non-Passenger Coaching Stock, such as this example, in S7 & F/S standards.


North Staff’s Horse box.

This model is now part of the  Peter Cavalier Collection in the care of the East Anglian Area Scale Seven Group.

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