Ex G.E.R. Y14/L.N.E.R. J15 0-6-0

This page is dedicated to the memory of Peter Cavalier 1947-2012  for whom I originally built this locomotive, this and the North Staff’s horse box are now in the care of the Scale Seven ( East Anglian Area) Group who are custodians to Peter’s layout and other rolling stock at the request of his Family.

The group hope to finish building the layout and stock with the intention of displaying it at Scale Seven and other events as a memorial to Peter and his enthusiasm for railway modelling. I will post developments as they occur on a dedicated page on this site . 

Originally intended as goods engines, the Y14/J15 made good passenger loco’s aswell. With their light axle loading they made excellent all round loco’s for lightly laid branch lines.

B.R. 65475, the subject of this model, was fitted with trip cocks for use on the Epping branch when based at Stratford shed.

I used a Connoisseur Models kit as a basis of this Scale 7 build and added additional detail, such as the hooks on the trailing edge of the cab roof that were used to hang a canvas sheet on and draped over the frame at the head of the tender for protection in bad weather. The flare on the top of the tender was scratch made in brass sheet to replace the cast items supplied in the kit, which to be honest are over scale in their thickness. I also fabricated the angle iron brackets that supported the side extension sheets which sit on top of the flare.

The chassis was scratch built with motion plate, ashpan detail added and with full working inside motion (see “ABOUT” page) using components from Laurie Griffin’s range of castings. I used the brake components from the kit as I was working within a budget on this model but I think you’ll agree that they look acceptable.

The wheels are Slaters f/s turned to S7 standards. The cab was fitted out again with castings from Mr. Griffin and I made a new cab footplate from thin ply cut into floor boards and a tender fall plate from sheet brass, which is pivoted with brass tube and nickel wire.

Pre- weathering shot of 65475 showing cab detail.

J15. tender /cab floor detail.

These are one of my favourite GER/LNER loco’s. If you would like your own version in 7mm/ft scale then I will be happy to quote for building one either kit or scratch built.

BR. J15.65475 late 40’s to early 50’s condition.

Contact: colin@eastsidepilot.com


ATB, Colin.

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