Ex G.E.R. C32/L.N.E.R. F3 2-4-2 t

Fifty engines built between 1893 and 1902, this class of loco was originally used as express passenger engines on the Liverpool St – Bishops Stortford and later to Southend-on-Sea and Southminster. But before the outbreak of the Great War most of the class were relegated to lesser duties around East Anglia and by the end of that conflict most had gone although Stratford Depot still had a couple.

LNER F3 7137 in imediate post WWII condition

This particular model has been  scratch built from brass, nickel silver and mild steel using my own patterns. The wheels are AGH castings turned and profiled on the lathe and fitted to split axles. Working inside motion and cranks built from Laurie Griffin’s castings.

Fitted with a Canon motor and ABC  40-1 gearbox.

There are more photo’s in a dedicated gallery on my web site www.eastsidepilot.com

Tool box and fire iron detail

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