Over the Christmas holiday I managed to spend sometime, at last !, making a start on some of the buildings which sit on the water front at Bow Creek.

This first building is part of a row of buildings which form the lightermen premises.

These will be loosely based on the buildings that existed at Rotherhithe on the Thames.


This is an etching from 1939 by Noel Spencer (1900-1986) and it is this that has given me the influence to recreate this part of the riverside.




Although the drawing (etching) shows the building, far left, as derelict I chose to model it as an occupied house and also added an earth closet.

Not yet completed, still some coping stones, drain pipes and chimneys to follow.

I’ll probably progress with the next building before this is finished with the painting and weathering all being carried out last.



Well slow progress so far with regards to model making but I have managed to do some more to these cottages with some roof tiles and appropriate weathering.