DSCF2206Welcome to the Blog for Eastsidepilot – Colin Dowling.

This blog is basically about my interest in building models although interspersed with a lot of  other things going on in life.

I’ve been building models since I was a small child and mainly railway orientated, but aircraft featured heavily in my youth along with military vehicles.

Today I am a member of the S7 Group, https://www.scaleseven.org.uk/  a society of railway modellers who work to a true scale of 1:43.5 or 7mm to 1ft.

This does not just mean building railway stock, other subjects such as  road vehicles (  I have a keen interest in commercial vehicles) , buildings, infrastructure and also boats, ships and cranes etc. the list goes on.


Other scales feature also, for me personally, I have a 1:24th scale truck kit waiting to be built along with others in 1:35th, and a recent acquisition, a 1:9th scale motorcycle.

Most of all though I like to scratch build, using appropriate bare materials to produce a model.

Model locomotives are normally built using nickel silver, brass and in some cases components from steel.

Buildings tend to be built using artists mount board ( card) small section wood, ply, plastic and paper. Some detail castings are usually white metal if not scratch built and the use of 3D printing is becoming the norm in all types of models.

Vehicles tend to be metal, plastic, 3D print and wood.

Talk of vehicles and motorcycles may mean you’ll see the real things featured here occasionally from this ‘old petrol head’



Dec. 2018






Colin@eastsidepilot.com  www.eastsidepilot.com

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