2 responses to “Arthur Henry Dowling

  1. Dear Colin & Liz I am dreadfully sorry to learn of your Uncle’s death. I send my sincerest condolences at a time of great sadness for you and all your family. with deepest sympathy, Charly

  2. Just read your Blog which I have to admit haven`t done for a very long time.
    First I like the photo of your Dad`s and my brother also a Master plumber of the old firm H. Dowling & Sons Ltd. 1817- 1992.

    Once again I enjoyed reading your blog and was hoping to the see a photo of the model you built for me, sorry a can not remember the LNER No. ( I am at the wrong address so it`s not infront of me) I am still amazed at the amount of detail that you put into these models and as an ageing uncle I am proud of your achivements outside of your normal trade as the consentration and patience required for this type of work in my opinion comes from your father.

    Keep the good work up Colin and you will put a smile on many men`s faces.

    I have to say it Uncle Del Boy.

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